Wheel of Fate
Cover by Martine Jardin

GENRE: Surrealistic Erotic Romance
PUBLISHER: Extasy Books
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  • The wheel of fortune turns, changing luck overnight. To trust the wheel, is to throw yourself on the winds of chance. So three women, as different as only friends can be, find themselves confronting the wheel in an attempt to change their luck at love. What is lost and what is gained? A very magical look at the tarot, astral travel and love.



    “You look like a woman with a problem.”

    I looked up in surprise and she was there, pouring a drink into the empty glass before me. Dark hair and eyes like my own, drawn back into a ponytail that reached the middle of her back. She was paler than me too, but most people are, as I somehow retained the straight black hair and reddish skin tone of my Cherokee ancestors, though they were several generations removed. She wore a tan vest and white shirt, opened enough to reveal enough cleavage to keep most of the clientele coming back for another peek. I had frequented this bar for a very long time and had never seen her before, but that wasn’t unusual. Bartenders come and go, while I continue on. It was yet another sad fact in a life fraught with sadness.

    “Is it that obvious?” I asked, well knowing the answer. Normally, I kept my anguish concealed from the world and shared it with no one but those closest to me, but I had been drinking, more than I usually drank and the pain within was far stronger than any I’d had to deal with in recent years and was still too fresh to escape.

    There was sympathy in her smile, but also something I didn’t understand, and thought I should. Then I realized I had already drank far too much and the observation was likely to have no basis in reality.

    “It’s a tragic story,” I found myself saying, “and no short tale by any means. Yet I’ll share it, if you care to listen.”

    I didn’t expect her to say yes, but she surprised me. “Tell you what, I’m just off duty anyway, and could use a drink myself. Why don’t you have a seat in that booth and I’ll bring us a bottle. Something tells me you could use a friend.”

    I nodded, and rose unsteadily, surprised I was going to trust a complete stranger with such a personal story, yet happy to be able to share it, for the people I was closest too would never hear it from my lips. There are reasons it had to be so, as you will soon find out.

    So I sat at the table and waited for the bartender to sit across from me. As promised, she brought a bottle with her and a clean glass for each of us. She poured a toast.
    “To love,” she said and raised her glass.

    I lifted my own. “Fuck love.”

    She raised an eyebrow and didn’t say anything. So I downed my drink, while she sipped hers and launched into my story, before I chickened out and kept it to myself.

    “Do you believe in magic?” I asked.

    She didn’t say anything. At first and I thought she wouldn’t answer. Then...“What kind of magic?”

    “Any kind. All kinds.”

    “There’s magic in everything, if you look deeply enough.”

    I had dropped my eyes to my glass, but raised them in surprise at her response. I had often thought the same thing myself.


    Master Nage has written a well crafted story, this time from a female's point of view. He's managed to capture the essence of not just a female's desire, but also that of the emotions. This is a story that shows us that love and luck sometimes come together in a way we might not expect but might actually be for the best. Master Nage has used the Tarot over the years and this story shows not only his understanding of the Tarot and its meanings, but also too that of a person's desire and hope. I truly can recommend this story to anyone who wants something that helps them to see the path of love can be different than we expect.

    Cyndi Witkus, in the Library Reviews

    This is my first story by Master Nage, and I really enjoyed it. It’s definitely unique, and I always like that about a romance. The storyline is intriguing, erotic and well written. WHEEL OF FATE will keep you entertained from beginning to end, and you’ll want to finish it in one sitting.

    By B.J. Deese for Romance Junkies

    Though short in length, this story goes far in showing the true strength of friendship and love. Once again writing from a woman’s perspective, a lesbian perspective at that, Master Nage does a wonderful job of bringing a wide array of feminine emotions to his characters. A tale of three close friends with diverse personalities, each with their own story to tell, this is definitely a book you will read in one sitting. Drawn in by the joys and fears of these women, you’ll be spellbound by the arousing erotic tales they have to tell. WHEEL OF FATE does contain one lesbian scene, so you might want to steer clear if that makes you uncomfortable. I think this is a wonderful addition to eXtasy’s Tarot series, and one you don’t want to miss.

    By Kathi, Sizzling Romances

    Master Nage is a master creator of very vivid, hot sex scenes. He has a very quick, concise flow of words that kept me absorbed right to the last page. This story is told from a young woman's perspective and the author carries this off flawlessly. He shows a fantastic insight. I found Wheel of Fate to be a fascinating erotic story, but way too short. After an appetiser like this one, I will definitely be looking for more of the work of Master Nage. Very Highly Recommended!

    Naomi for Fallen Angel Reviews



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